Lobende Erwähnung für »Räuber und Gendarm«

»Räuber und Gendarm« von Florian Maubach wurde auf Großbritanniens größtem Animationsfilmfestival gezeigt und wurde in der Kategorie »Bester Studentenfilm« lobend erwähnt.

Last week „Räuber & Gendarm“ had his british premiere at the Manchester Animation Festival and received a special mention from the Jury in the caterory „Best Student Film“.

“Wonderfully atmospheric and captured being a certain age. Stellar camera work and an impressive use of sound, this film stayed with us”

Thanks to the Jury and the Festival.

– Florian Maubach

Über Räuber und Gendarm

Daniel is playing ‚Cops and Robbers‘ with his friends. Carla is there too. She brought Christian. Daniel wishes to be alone with her. He watches her, hidden on the playground. The sun goes down.
Original Title Räuber & Gendarm
Director: Florian Maubach
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Length: 00:08:15
Technique: Digital 2D,
Language: German

( Quelle: http://www.manchesteranimationfestival.co.uk/films/cops-robbers/ )

Über Manchester Animation Festival

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