LUCKY – online Premiere

Heute am Montag, der 03.04.2017, feiert LUCKY seine Online-Premiere via Sticky Frames. Feierlich präsentiert wird der Film von Ines Christine Geisser und Kirsten Carina Geisser, die gemeinsam den Film zur Vollendung führten, Ines Christine im Rahmen ihres Meisterschüler*Innen-Projekts bei Martina Bramkamp und Kristen als Abschlussfilm in Halle.

LUCKY – 11:00 min, 16:9, color, 2015, Germany

Hier eine persönliche Nachricht der Filmemacher:

Dear friends, dear festivalorganizers, dear fans,

we are releasing our animation short „LUCKY“ today. for free. in the world wide web and via our filmmaker collective Sticky Frames. Enjoy and feel free to share!
Thanks for all your support! We had a great festival cycle with „LUCKY“ (which will hopefully continue). We visited supernice festivals, met amazing people, experienced hospitality in its finest and felt that our work is appreciated. We’ll be working on a new short now, hoping to meet you guys again soon!


Ines Christine Geisser und Kirsten Carina Geisser sind Schwestern, geboren und aufgewachsen im schönen Frankenwald. Seit 2009 arbeiten sie gemeinsam an Comiczines und Animationsfilmen.
Ines Christine Geißer wurde 1982 in Naila geboren. Sie studierte Comic und Trickfilm an der Kunsthochschule Kassel mit einem  Abschluss im Bereich Trickfilm und anschließendem MeisterschülerInnenjahr bei Prof. Martina Bramkamp.
Kirsten Carina Geißer wurde  1986 in Naila geboren. Sie studierte an der Kunsthochschule Halle im Fachbereich Bild/Raum/Objekt/Glas. „Lucky“ ist ihr Diplomprojekt.

Über den Film:
„Lucky “ is looking for happiness. This animated short is questioning our search as well as its aim: What does luck mean for the individual? Is failure the only possibility?

„The film focusses on the pursuit of happiness. Failure and desire play a part, and the sweet smell of childhood lingers in the air, but it has lost some of its romance. The idea that this film is maybe not about horses at all suggests itself quickly. These precious friends are simply well-suited for being protagonists as their image is not yet as worn as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny and they are still complex in terms of content. 
The horses trot and gallop across the screen and even drink at the bar. These horses are not happy, maybe for one exception. Loss follows great success, love is only answered by a painful lack of understanding, Black Beauty turns into Broken Beauty. This film does not play in Wendy-mode and neither serves the romance of horse loving teenagers.“

– Prof. Jens Gusse

Script, direction, animation: Kirsten Carina Geisser, Ines Christine Geisser (kiin.)
Production: Ines Christine Geisser (kiin.animation)
Editing: Ines Christine Geisser
Sound: Michael Jason Parker Beckett, Jan Kristian Fuchs
Assistant animator: Michel Esselbrügge
Special effects: Jan Kristian Fuchs
Funded by: FFA, HFF-hr, HFF-Land