Films in Stuttgart

There are 4 films of the Animation Class Kassel screened at the ITFS in Stuttgart.

You are my hero by Tobias Bilgeri
It´s war! The brave knight goes to battle while his wife stays at home waiting for him. As one day the blood on her heroes sword tastes like tomato juice, she begins to doubt if her husband is a real hero.
Young Animation 3: 06.05.2010 / 07.05.2010

The truth quizshow by Wu Kung
Why became the famous athlet Lan Lan suddenly sick? A well known TV Show tries to find out the truth. Do you want to know the truth? Be there tonight on CTV2: „The Truth – Quizshow“.
Young Animation 2: 05.05.2010 / 06.05.2010

Thoughts are free by Urte Zintler
An elderly woman, whose capacity for remembering is beginning to weaken, is singing the song “Die Gedanken sind frei” (“Thoughts are free”) to herself. The long-familiar song evokes a flood of memories that repeatedly pass befor her eyes in a chaotic cycle. She struggles with the words as the memories fade and disappear. The film is Urte´s graduation film.
International Competition: 05.05.10 / 06.05.10 / 07.05.10
Young Animation 2: 05.05.10 / 06.05.10

Elysium by Sun & Egg (Yun Li, Xin Sun)
We are all ordinary people. However, we are willing to believe that somewhere in the world there is the Elysium, for which we could leave everything behind.
Young Animation 4: 07.05.10 / 08.05.10

About the Animation Class Kassel

The Department of Animation at the School of Art and Design Kassel seeks to impart students with an appreciation of animation as a distinct form of artistic expression. The Department’s spatial and organisational proximity to the Departments of Fine Art, Graphic Design, New Media and Film is of great assistance and value to this teaching process.

Professor Thomas Meyer-Hermann, together with his assistants Martin Schmidt and Kazimierz Bendkowski, is dedicated to providing students with a sound foundation in classical animation skills. Once they have mastered the basics, students are subsequently introduced to the wide range of possibilities offered by more recent developments in the discipline, such as experimental techniques, interactive forms of narration and digital production techniques.
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Due to intense cooperation with the New Media Department and exhibitions like “Drück mich” (engl.: ”Play with me!”) at the ITFS 2009 in Stuttgart, some computer games were created with great focus on animaton. The game „Ulitsa Dimitrova“ by Lea Schönfelder was one of the winners at the student competition at the „Independent Games Festival“ in San Francisco last year.