2023Petra Stipetić succeeds Dennis Stein-Schomburg as an artistic assistant.
2021Kathrin Albers assumes her position as professor and teaches together with Prof. Martina Bramkamp.
2019Thomas Meyer-Hermann leaves the art school.
2015Dennis Stein-Schomburg becomes the new artistic assistant, succeeding Martin Schmidt.
2011Franka Sachse assumes her position as a teacher for special tasks.
2010Andreas Hykade leaves the art school.
Martin Schmidt becomes the new artistic-scientific assistant, succeeding Philip Gutjahr. Kazimierz Bendkowski retires.
Prof. Martina Bramkamp succeeds Andreas Hykade.
2005Paul Driessen leaves the art school. Andreas Hykade (animated film director) teaches together with Thomas Meyer-Hermann.
The student and professors are supported by the artistic-scientific assistants Kazimierz Bendkowski and Philip Gutjahr.
2000Paul Driessen shares the animated film professorship with Thomas Meyer-Hermann (director, producer, and founder of Studio FILM BILDER).
1999With “Rendezvous” by Peter Lemken, the first computer-animated film in Kassel is created. It receives the Murnau Short Film Award.
1996“The Quest” by Thomas Stellmach and Tyron Montgomery is awarded an Oscar for the best animated short film.
1989Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein, students at the time, win an Oscar for the best animated short film with “Balance.”
1985Jan Lenica leaves the art school. He is succeeded by Paul Driessen (Dutch animation filmmaker, previously a guest lecturer).
1979Establishment of the animation class at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.
Professor: Jan Lenica (Polish animation filmmaker and poster artist) Approximately 20 students work on animated films, mainly using stop-motion animation techniques.